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Dr. Reid Doyle, D.C.

Dr. Reid was born and raised in Sidney, Nebraska, but grew up with a love for the mountains. Dr. Reid’s college career started at the University of Nebraska- Kearney, where he played four years of football and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Health Science. Dr. Reid then attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Kansas. While in chiropractic college, Dr. Reid was part of many clubs and facilitator of Adjusting Ninjas/Kairos Training Culture for three and a half years. Dr. Reid spent countless hours at seminars furthering his understanding of the human body. He has also spent hours training chiropractic like a sport. “Chiropractic is a physical job and as a former athlete I knew that if I wanted to get better and be the best I could, I had to train. Every other professional athlete still goes to practice every day to become better. I do the same outside the office to provide the best care to everyone that walks through the doors.”  A mindset that fit perfectly with that of KTC “The office is no longer practice, it is game time!” Not only does Dr. Reid love Chiropractic and life, he loves everything outdoors! 


Jennifer Doyle- Office Manager

Jennifer was born and raised in Parkville, Missouri. She attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where she spent 4 years as a collegiate athlete for the Huskers. While at UNL, she earned a degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing. While in her final semester, she traveled back and forth to Kansas City to try out for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders. Jennifer was blessed with the opportunity to join the team and cheered with the Chiefs for two seasons before deciding to retire to start a family and settle down. Along with being a professional cheerleader, Jennifer was also a full time certified personal trainer and loved helping others achieve their dreams. Upon meeting her husband and best friend, Dr. Reid, Jennifer realized that her passion for helping others in a natural and holistic way, paired perfectly with the passion Dr. Reid had for chiropractic and everything chiropractic entailed. When he asked her to pack up her life and move to the mountains to chase dreams of opening an office in the mountains and serving a community of like minded individuals, she had no hesitation!


Ms. Jill

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